Funky and experienced DJ in Kolding.

DJ Baunbaun has been spinning records since 1999 and still enjoys making the funky music, dance floor and guests come together as one great unit.

Copenhagen has been his home ground from 2003 to 2022, now he resides in Kolding.

DJ Baunbaun used to set the mood for businesses, clubs, bars and institutions in all of Denmark. Now he only plays occasionally and prefers funky afternoon events and boogie evenings to the crowded dancefloor after midnight.

He has been resident DJ at Roskilde Festival, the largest festival in northern Europe, played more than 500 events and continues to produce funky mixtapes available online. For a short period he played regularly in Paris, France.

Evolving from playing hip hop and breaks, through modern world music and urban tunes, he now indulge in all sorts of styles – from top billboard bangers to underground electro swing and stylish jazziness. His 7" collection is booming with US boogie, dancehall and funk.

Foremost DJ Baunbaun is a qualified Danish DJ and is recognized for his sense of atmosphere and pace – always playing the right beat at the right time.

DJ Baunbaun plays disco/urban/retro
– from funky Friday bars to cool lounging!

Try to book DJ Baunbaun for a vinyl session!

Events & Prices

Vinyl Wow!

DJ Baunbaun brings his old school crates of vinyl and plays funk, soul, boogie, disco, house and maybe some hip hop and urban dancehall tunes if you dare.

3 hours DJing

Transportation, turntables, mixer, speakers, lights

Estimated price:
2500 DKR (VAT included)

Business Boom!

Let Baunbaun set the mood for you and your business partners. Friday bay, conference or cocktail party.

3 hours DJing

Transportation, speakers, lights

Estimated price:
3000 DKR (VAT included)

Private Pow!

Private parties are fun and intimate! All your mates and all your girls are here getting down with drinks and hot tunes in the speakers. DJ Baunbaun brings the club to your home and gets the atmosphere warm and sparkling.

3 hours DJing

Transportation, speakers, lights

Estimated price:
2500 DKR (VAT included)

Listen to DJ Baunbaun mixtapes 🎧

Online mixtapes



  • Roskilde Festival
  • B&O
  • Realdania
  • Kulturministeriet
  • Mikkeller
  • Vinsupernaturel


  • Nørrebro Bryghus
  • Barbarellah
  • Aarhus Street Food
  • Mesteren og Lærlingen


  • The Elbo Room, San Francisco
  • Downtown CafĂ©, Paris
  • CafĂ© Paris, Paris
  • Les Taulières, Paris

Contact & Booking

Please call or write about bookings or details.